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Tap Into 3 Additional Businesses

This is where the BIG $$$ comes into play

Project Vertex is an area of our system that allows you to scale your income through PURE LEVERAGE. Since we understand the power of duplication and building teams, we know that you will be more than impressed with this structure.


This part of our system allows you to tap into 3 lucrative businesses that give you education on marketing, finance, and personal development.  Since our goal is to over deliver, you will also be eligible for extra training/bonuses.

So How Exactly Does This All Work??...

Members who join our team are able to leverage and scale their income like crazy! Here is how it works. After you join, you will learn how to market and get sales with the main company we promote (MCA). As you bring people on board, they will go through our program and learn multiple strategies to grow their business. Once they get to Project Vertex each member will have the opportunity to join 1, 2, or even 3 of our back end income streams. As shown in the video above, members are directed to get their referrers' links for anything they'd like to be apart of! If you are not positioned with a particular opportunity and someone you refer would like to join, you will miss out on the sale. This creates both incentive and priority for people to get get locked in and earn HUGE!

Members Are Directed To Follow These Steps +
  1. Review each opportunity below.
  2. Get in direct contact with your sponsor or the person who brought you on our team.
  3. If they are signed up for the opportunity, grab there referral link to get started.
  4. If they are not signed up, contact me to get the link(s).
  5. Enjoy the products and take your income to a whole new level!

4 Corners And The Strategy Profits Team

~ Turn Less Than $20 Into A Thriving Business ~

How Much Money Can You Potentially Earn?

~ A Full Overview Of The Compensation Plan~

Access The Ultimate Funnel When You Join 4 Corners With Our Team

Invest And Manage Your Money

4 corners has an excellent product line that will teach you where to invest your money, how to manage your finances, and simple to help you get out of debt and fix your credit. You will also learn about hedge funds, trading, and even real estate!


Sponsor’s Commissions take your earnings to a whole new level as you receive unlimited matching commissions from your directly sponsored members every time THEY receive a commission from someone in THEIR downline who has either bought one of the products or subscribes to the Monthly Newsletter.

5 Streams Of Income

With 4 Corners Alliance Group, you have the ability to earn so many different ways. From affiliate 100% matches, to the Platinum Newsletter, and of course retail sales. As long as your team is winning, you are in the green!

* BONUS* Access Our Exclusive Funnel

~ Leverage Several Income Streams Including 4 Corners, TCP, Clickmagick, and Udimi ~

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Page 4: System Set Up

Page 5: Tracking Conversions

Page 6: Traffic Generation

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Digital Altitude - The Digital Business System

~ Up To $12,600 In Commissions And Over 60 Income Steams ~

Products And Compensation Plan

Message From The Founder

Check Out These Amazing Products

From Exclusive Step By Step Training To Masterminds And Events...Digital Altitude Is An Entrepreneurs' Paradise

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The Genesis Advanced Library includes an additional 35 courses and over 340 audios and videos to help you get your online business off the ground FAST!

If you do anything to make money online today, you need to understand the basic principles of marketing. There are many different forms, or types of marketing in today's online arena, each containing different advantages.  For example; Email Marketing, Attraction Marketing, Paid Advertising, Voice Broadcast Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, and so on.

Regardless of the specific form it takes, the main purpose of all marketing is to put YOU, YOUR BRAND, and YOUR PRODUCTS in front of endless, potential customers. With our Genesis Advanced Product Package, you will discover a multitude of ways to use modern marketing strategies, including the WHY and the HOW for extreme success!


With the Genesis Elite Library Package, we’ve included two of the most important areas of focus Personal Development along with Health and Wellness


Personal Development is a critical aspect that can literally "make or break" a person's career, no matter if it’s  online or not! Because your attitude is so vital to your success it’s important to start thinking and acting like a successful entrepreneur.

Many people are relatively new to working online and are seeking materials and guidance to get them off to a good start. Our Genesis Elite Library is geared to do just that!

When studying other successful online entrepreneurs, most of them place "Personal Development" as one of the most over looked areas of improvement, unfortunately it’s the least addressed and highest cause of failure in business today.

Earn INSTANT $1000 and $100 Commissions!

Leverage from our "1 UP" comp plan and create mass duplication

Exitus Advanced

The Exitus Advanced Pay Plan is simple and effective. Customers or members purchase the Genesis Advanced Library directly from you, meaning you receive $100 and of the commission instantly!

You can do this over and over again. Your back office system tracks all your payments and tells your customers how you wish to be paid. With just 3 sales a week you can earn income in excess of $1,000 a month!

Exitus Elite

The One-Up Pay Plan will generate income faster than any other type of compensation plan. With direct member-to-member payments, you are paid all of your commission upfront, with no waiting, and it's paid directly to you!

With this structure, you will be able to generate multiple pass up sales as your referrals generate their 1st qualified sale (which goes up to you as the referrer)!

The Black Ops Team

Learn Our TOP SECRET Strategy For 1k Days

When you join Exitus under a member of our team, you will get access to our free Facebook strategy. Using this strategy alone, has generated our team over $1,000,000 in team commissions. One of the main struggles people face when joining an opportunity is having money left over for advertising. Since we know this is a REAL pain point, people need an alternative. Not only is this strategy 100% free, but it is duplicateable and REALLY WORKS! Note that to qualify for our Millionaire Mentoring, elite training, and $1,000 commissions, you will need to purchase Exitus Elite. Purchasing the Advanced Product will enable you to get introductory training and the opportunity to earn $100 commissions.

Outstanding Results From Our Team

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